Perth Storage Company Outshines Competition

Some businesses are somewhat cliché when it comes to design. You know, where the design is sort of predictable. Take a cafe for example, right off the bat one might think of having a coffee cup as being part of the company’s logo. Another example is a sport’s team, where you may have the brand name having a wavy font and underlined. But for some business niches, it may not be too obvious or predictable. This is especially true when you are after a design which stands out. But have no fear as we at Unlimited Designs have the creativity to make your design grab the wanted attention no matter what niche you’re in.

In this post we’d like to showcase one of our valued clientele, a Perth storage facility trading as Crusader Storage. When owner Shannan came to us asking to assist with their logo design, he wanted something a little different other than a picture of a ship container! Then we went straight to work, and to be honest it didn’t take long. Ben, one of our designer was literally saying out loud.. crusader.. crusader… armour! So within a couple of minutes he was sketching away the symbol he had in mind.

After procrastinating for about 20 mins he pretty much finalised the design by drawing the armoured helmet of a knight to symbolise Crusader Storage. Check out the final design below:



Shannan, the business owner straight away loved it and gave the thumbs up for the design. Then the font and bordering (as seen above) came into fruition. And it doesn’t end there, the next step was coming up with the colours to go with the design. Several colour combinations were tried and we finally chose red and black (with some white background).

The final design for this Perth storage company was a hit. In terms of the Perth people now recognising the symbol and the emotional attachment of being “protected” coming from the armoured helmet. Everything came together.

Just like we did with this storage service company (Crusader Storage), we at Unlimited Design can also design your logo for your business. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in we are sure to come up with something that is both appealing and unique, no matter what angle you look at it!

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