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When it comes to designing, it doesn’t necessarily have to be eye-catching. In fact, subtlety can do wonders for a website. Especially when it is a background design, where it is meant to blend with the actual content. When an owner of a roofing company in Perth came to us seeking help with their website’s background, we gladly obliged. We didn’t have to do a lot to it. Instead, we simply tweaked the colour of the design and theme to make it more pleasing to the eye. The end result is simple, yet effective. It is hard to explain in words, it’s best for you to see it for yourself – check out the Perth re-roofing website and let us know what you think. Especially feedback from the people of Perth.

Here’s a snapshot of the background theme for easy reference:



As you can see, the blue coloured theme is what we stuck with. The different tones of blue helps us separate the roof patterns but yet keep it together in the same colour theme. Clever huh? We thought so! There are other ways to achieve this, such as changing it to a completely different colour or having borders separating the different items. We decided to utilise the different colour tones and keeping it subtle, rather than using something different by contrast. For the untrained eyes, it may not look effective – but the main idea is just that…. subtle.

When it comes to the roofing industry, or any niche for that matter; one must look at the type of work they carry out. In this case, the re-roofing specialist company obviously carry out roofing services such as: roof replacement, re-roofing and roof repainting services. By knowing the services offered, we can then start looking at the design.  For example, have a look at what we did for this company – a simple blue coloured roof icon plastered in the background.

Anyways, this is what we did for a roofing company. But we can easily adapt to your niche, so if you need any kind of design done; even just for a background drop – we can help. Why not contact us today to discuss your need. We’re here to help!

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